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Unmaintained [RAID101.com] Member List Manager Module - Post Ratings 1.0

Add Post Ratings addon related criteria to Member List Manager

  1. MOZ
    This release can be upgraded using the Add-On Installer by Chris Deeming
    Please consider donating if you find this add-on useful. Contact:moz@raid101.com

    Addon Required: Post Ratings

    This addon will add the following criteria for Member List Manager:
    -Positive Post Ratings
    -Neutral Post Ratings
    -Negative Post Ratings

    Use Add-On Installer by Chris Deeming or the following:
    1. The zip file contains an "upload" folder. Upload the contents of the folder in the root XF folder, thereby creating a library/SortMemModules/PostRatings directory on your server.
    2. The zip file contains a "addon-SortMemModulePostRatings.xml" file. Import the XML in your Admin CP.
    The XML must notbe imported via the addon's importer as this module adds phrases and a scheduled CRON job.

    Once installed you should see the criterias in the Member List Manager page. You can customize it and change the options if you wish.

    If by any chance you delete the criteria, you can import the XML from library/SortMemModules/PostRatings/XML folder.

    Technical details:
    -This addon adds a CRON job that runs once a day to get the Post Ratings totals.

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