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Unmaintained Qapla.com - Pink Fluid and Fixed 1.1.2

A pink Xenforo color scheme.

  1. DRE
    This Resource is Unsupported - 7/15/2012

    Pink style is based on the default Xenforo 1.1.2 style.


    1. Download the zip file attached and upload the contents of the folder called upload to your forum root.

    2. Go to AdminCP/Styles/Import a Style and Import one of the files located in the [Qapla.com] - Pink by DRE folder.

    3. Header height is 60px to add fit google adsense banners in the logo_block template. Donate!

    Included Template Edits
    Local time and watched threads link has been added to sidebar_visitor_panel
    Style selector added to navigation_visitor_tab and my credit in footer.

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