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Profile Tab Manager

Unmaintained Profile Tab Manager 1.0.1

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This add-on will let you create how much tabs you want and show them in the user's profile page.

To create a new tab:

Go to Applications->Profile Tab Manager->Create New Tab.

When creating a new tab, you dont need to worry about the template. If you dont get anything in mind, just leave blank. The default template is loaded.

So, after created a new tab, go to any profile page (which has the permissions that you've set):

After this, you can customize the template of your tab:

And the result:

Ok, but what if we want to send some custom params to our template?

Ok, this is how i do it:

Create a new file inside the folder library/ProfileTabManager/Callbacks/ called Test.php. We will make a method to use as callback for our custom field.

Put this inside:

class ProfileTabManager_Callbacks_Test extends XenForo_Application
    public static function MyCustomField()
        //Lets get some information about the user who is visiting
        $visitor = XenForo_Visitor::getInstance()->toArray();
        //Return the content to our custom field template
        return array('visitor' => $visitor);

In the menu Applications->Profile Tab Manager->Display All Tabs, click in our tab "My Custom Tab" to edit.

Fill the information with the class and method callbacks.

Edit the template to and change to this:

<li id='__tab__' class='profileContent'>
  Hello {$visitor.username}! You are following {$visitor.following} users!
  <noscript><a href='{xen:link members/__tab__, $user}'>{xen:phrase view}</a></noscript>
Save it. Go to the profile page and see the result.

For sure, this is just a example. You can make more than this.
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