Post Friction

Post Friction 2.10.1

No permission to buy ($30.00)
  • If installer, require Redis cache v1.15.0+ (hard-requrie redis to support lua)
  • Purge a number of old unused phrases
  • Count attach bb-code & bimg from Advanced bbcodes-pack add-on as a media bb-code for the "warn on media" post-friction option
  • Add "No media" post-friction option
  • On the thread/forum friction options edit page, fix showing the current value as the default
  • Harden how post friction options are saved to avoid unexpectedly resetting non-rendered options
  • Fix admincp quicksearch could error when searching for /
  • Adjust phrases used when "Bypass post friction restrictions" permission is granted
  • Fix 'Undefined array key "warnOnMultiPostForThreadStarter"' error.
  • Fix global defaults for "Only allow a single moderated reply"/"Warn on multiple posts for thread starter" options did not work
  • Fix viewing an old thread did not include the error message for the thread being too old
  • Require php 7.2+
  • Require Standard Library by Xon v1.18.0+
  • Add some in-request caching to avoid recomputing a thread's post friction configruation mutliple times
  • Rework post-friction option definitions to be more easily extendable and easier to maintain.
  • Revise various post friction warning messages
  • Add "Accept post friction warning" permission to 'guest' user-group for posting-before-registering support (if it hasn't been assigned)
  • Fix post friction warning banner being displayed for general thread errors (ie user posting to a thread which was just locked)
  • Fix 'Warn on media' option not showing the 'accept post friction dialog' box on replying.
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