Post Friction

Post Friction 2.6.1

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  • Fix MySQL 8+ compatibility when upgrading
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  • Fix "MySQL query error [1406]: Data too long for column 'friction'" when large number of post friction options are selected.
    This requires increasing the size of the column
  • Add per-thread "Users can accept post friction warning" option
    • Allows overriding the forum "accept post friction warning" permission. Does not affect moderators or administrators
  • Add Word Count Search integration to avoid unexpected recomputing a post's word-count on reply
  • For various word-count options; reduce word-count overestimation, by skipping erroneous non-word characters.
  • Fix; "[E_WARNING] Redis::set(): EXPIRE can't be < 1"
  • Harden various template feature to be more reliable in future updates
  • Fix "delay between replies" would count failed post attempts
  • Changing the 'delay between replies' option now applies to users who have already replied (on the next attempt)
  • Implement "Per-user reply delays" option (disable to switch to per-thread instead of per-user)
    • Ideal for those super-hot political threads!
  • Add reporting of default values for options; "Warn on image being quoted" and "Warn on multiple posts"
  • Requires php 7.0+
  • Now depends on Standard Library by Xon
  • Supports XF2.2
  • New post friction option; image in quote tags
  • New post friction option; multi posts, with time frame
  • Display post friction log entry (if user can see post friction logs) for a user/post combination when;
    • Making a report against a post
    • Viewing a post report
    • Viewing a warning attached to a post
    • Issuing a warning against a post
  • Add "View post friction logs" permission, auto-assigned to users/groups with "Edit post fiction options"
  • Add "Maximum quoted message percentage" " post friction option
  • Add filtering (by username) to a thread's post friction logs.
  • Fix pagination would cause the dialog to blink away during loading
  • Fix explain text for forum post friction stating they would over-ride the global defaults with a '0' value instead of inheriting
  • Fix missing UI for per-forum soft post delay option
  • Fix "Bypass post friction restrictions" not skipping the "Moderate replies to thread" option
  • Remove XF2.0.x support, require XF2.1+
  • Fix applying per-forum delay (ie new threads) to per thread delay (ie replies)