Post Friction

Post Friction 2.8.3

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  • Fix post friction warning banner being displayed for general thread errors (ie user posting to a thread which was just locked)
  • Fix 'Warn on media' option not showing the 'accept post friction dialog' box on replying.
  • Require XenForo 2.2+
  • Recommend php 7.2+
  • Fixed missing post friction log reasons for multi-posting and mostly-quotes
  • Add "warn on media/url/image" post friction option, with admin-defined customizable per-forum phrase overriding
  • Show old/locked thread post friction warnings to users with the 'Bypass post friction restrictions' permission
  • Fix "Old thread cut-off" option with value of 0 didn't disable the old-thread warning
  • Fix "Old thread cut-off" option could have a per-thread value applied when the per-thread configuration page suggested it shouldn't
  • Fix type-juggling when forum-wide post-friction options are used
  • Migrate threads which used old friction key values to the new versions
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  • Rename post friction option "white/black list ratings" to "allow/deny reactions"
  • Fix php 8.0+ "Array to string conversion" error when allow-list/deny-list reactions are changed
  • Fix "Out of range value for column 'pf_warn_on_multi_post_recency'" error when saving a value > 255
  • Allow setting the regency value for "Warn on multiple posts" to 0 to apply without a timeout
  • Fix per-thread old age warning not working
  • Fix reply delay 'delay per user' flag not working
  • Fix reply delay's last post-time not being correctly reset on a failed post
  • Rework UI for overriding forum/thread friction options.
    • This now allows overriding integer options to a zero value where before that would use the global/forum default.
  • Fix using "Use node option" when editing a forum's Post Friction options was ignored.
  • Fix on deleting a user, the per-thread Post Friction logs did not have the user_id zeroed out.
  • Force global namespace for functions which are known to be optimizable to bytecode in php, or known global functions to avoid a current namespace lookup for the function.
  • Use font-awesome icon instead of a png for add-on icon
  • Add moderator log support for editing post friction options
  • Fix per-thread "Per-user reply delays" option not working as expected
  • Fix MySQL 8+ compatibility when upgrading
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  • Fix "MySQL query error [1406]: Data too long for column 'friction'" when large number of post friction options are selected.
    This requires increasing the size of the column
  • Add per-thread "Users can accept post friction warning" option
    • Allows overriding the forum "accept post friction warning" permission. Does not affect moderators or administrators