Polish language pack for XenForo 2.x

Polish language pack for XenForo 2.x 2.2.12 and older

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Another update aimed for changes made in XenForo 2.2.12.
Hi everyone,

the polish language pack has been released and it is compatible with the latest XenForo 2.2.10. An email included this information will be sent to the customers who have bought this package soon.

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Another update for the language pack. The package is free to the all customers who has already bought it.

This time I have fixed linguistic errors, mistakes and translated new ones. It is fully compatible with latest XenForo version.

Hello World,

again and again I am updating this beautiful language pack for our... beautiful polish language :) . In this version I have updated the "outdated pharses" that may appear after updating to latest XenForo version. Moreover, I have fixed some small mistakes and senses of some words and sentences.

This update is free to everybody who has bought the language pack and it has been already sent to our customers.

If you need any assistance, please let me know.


the polish language pack 1.4 has been released! It brings a lot of changes, fixes and it is fully compatible with the latest release of XenForo 2.2.6 p2.


new post, new update! Today I released a next update for polish language pack that is already compatible with the latest XenForo.

In this update I have fixed many phrases and updated these located inside of admin control panel.

This update is free to the customers that have already bought the package and they should be already informed about it per email I sent.

If you need any assistance, please let me know.


A newer update pack for polish language has been released! This release pack has been marked as version 1.2.

As you may know, the translation is not done yet, but in this update I have translated another phrases (mainly in administration control panel), corrected some mistakes and updated many outdated phrases, that you might saw under Nieaktualne frazy (outdated phrases) in your ACP.

A feedback from you is always welcome. Today I will start to send an update to all customers that have already bought the translation. Please be patient!

I wish you all a great day.

I have released a first update for this language pack that corrects some spelling mistakes but not only. If you have bought the language pack already, please let me know. This update will be sent for free.

If you have any ideas, questions or something more, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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