1. D

    Polish XenForo Support (forum-xf.pl) / Polskie wsparcie XenForo

    Hello ppl, In this topic I would like to post a short message about a forum that aims to bring some polish support to people who want to talk about XenForo in this specific and beautiful language. The URL to this community goes here: https://forum-xf.pl/ On this forum you can also see a...
  2. D

    Polish language pack for XenForo 2.x [Paid]

    dave3 submitted a new resource: Polish language pack for XenForo 2.x - Polish language pack for XenForo 2.x Read more about this resource...
  3. D

    Polish language pack for XenForo 2.x 2.2.13 and older

    Hello, people! I have spent a lot of time to bring XenForo this language pack and now I am pleased to inform you, that the most of translation is done. This translation contains: everything that users can see, additional pages (terms and rules, privacy policy), bb-code editor, time and...
  4. brattanek

    Unmaintained Polish translation Xenforo 2 and 2.1 2019-02-10

    License-free for all Poles! We have translated it for our forum. The main phrases have been translated. The translation is available only if the link in the footing is left. Translation of the forum can be seen at XboxForum.pl. If you find a mistake please report it to me.
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