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Unmaintained Password Protected Nodes 1.2.9

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This update fixes possible conflicts with other add-ons that expect certain values to be in the view params of the response returned by the forum action.

Featured Threads was affected by this conflict.
Fix for the error relating to the session key not existing.
Fixed error where the node passed into a method may not have included the node password... If it isn't there, I query the database.

You can delete any server errors.
The wrong table name was in the installer SQL.

If you did a fresh install of 1.2.6, either change the xf_node.password table to xf_node.node_password, or do another fresh install.

Upgrades are not affected.
This update no longer uses cookies to remember node authentications, but uses an array in the session.

You now specify the authentication length in hours (your old value will no longer be there - remember to change it if the default of 24 hours isn't for you!).

Also, this update will show unauthenticated forums as 'private' on the node list.

Fix compatibility with some addons.
Users will no longer see threads/posts in search results from forum with a password if they haven't authenticated.
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Fixed possible incompatibility with other addons that expect there to be a threads array in the view params of the returned view from the forum controller (which isn't really bad, it would make sense).

No longer shows password if already set.

Switched to my new file structure.

Uploaded to my site.
  • Changed system for saving node password in database
  • Node password requested when going direct to thread
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