[OzzModz] XenPorta Improvements

[OzzModz] XenPorta Improvements 2.0.1 Beta 1

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XenPorta Improvements
Version: 2.0.0 Beta 1

  • Fixed several PHP 8 compatibility issues
  • The addon will now automatically strip BBCodes from article excerpts in article listings to prevent unwanted behavior or PHP 8 bugs
  • The addon now replaces overrides some default code in XenPorta which could cause errors with PHP 8
  • Moved fetching categories into proper Repositories and Finder methods
  • Categories now use entity getters for more flexibility with current and future updates
  • Fixed an outdated template modification which turns the XenPorta 2 categories widget into the default Xenforo category list appearance. The change will now correctly appear.
  • SEO & Index Tools and XenPorta Improvements will now both share an improved method of fetching categories in XenPorta 2
  • Fixed some incorrect phrases such as "nulumia_dbtei_inherit_from_style"
  • Improved regex template modifications for greater accuracy and to prevent conflicts with other addons' template modifications
  • Added various compatibility fixes with SEO & Index Tools
  • Improves built-in compatibility between XenPorta and XenMedio
Initial release under OzzModz.

Changed name, developer info and links to reflect OzzModz.

Known issue:
There is a bug where the floating author avatars on the grid layout don't overlap the article thumbnail, when using Masonry grid. It has so far, and still is, recommended to disable masonry in your XenPorta and use XenPorta Improvements' superior grid. This will still be fixed however in another release.
  • XenPorta will now run minified JS files when in production move (live site with development mode disabled)
  • Added width, height and alt text attributes to article icons when using attachments for the icon. This will help with page speed scoring related to CLS issues
This update enables the minified JS files which are already bundled in XenPorta, but aren't loaded by default. You should now benefit from loading the smaller files.

Also, article featured images (such as the large image which displays over content on the article view page), and article thumbnails in grid listings now include image size and alt text attributes. The image size attributes will help prevent CLS (Content Layout Shift) issues when using page speed testing services.

Known issue:
There is a bug where the floating author avatars on the grid layout don't overlap the article thumbnail, when using Masonry grid. It has so far, and still is, recommended to disable masonry in your XenPorta and use XenPorta Improvements' superior grid. This will still be fixed however in another release.
  • Fixed a bug which could cause a Server Error long entry stating 'Accessed unknown getter 'icon_size''
  • Removed several deprecated Template Modifications
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To update your addon, please download the latest version at:


This update is a very long awaited release for the latest versions of XenPorta. XenPorta Improvements had its development halted over the winter of 2020-2021 and includes many unreleased features.

This update aims to make XenPorta Improvements up to date and usable, however as development has only recently returned for this addon, all major overhauls, reworks, and feature updates are deactivated within this release.

Features which are currently deactivated but in progress:
  • New article list layouts (blog, large blog, alternating lists, etc)
  • Responsive article icon/thumbnail system (Original, large, medium, and small) & batch resizing
  • New widgets with various layouts (Simple/small lists, such as on Wordpress sites)
  • Article icon/thumbnail image compression and sharpening
  • Tons of new style properties
  • New author block features
  • Article listing in Admin
  • Category icons and cover banners
  • Article list thumbnail hover filter effects (brightness, contrast, saturation)
Features which did make it into this release (but are not well developed):
  • Article nav block (bottom of article page, "Next/Previous Article")
  • More hover effects for articles in the list

XenPorta has recently gone through some major changes to the core addon and additional style properties. You may notice some differences in using this version of XenPorta Improvements than original versions.

You should also take the following steps after install if using the grid layout:
  • Layout
    Default layout: Grid
  • Grid layout
    Items per row: 3
  • Masonry
    Uncheck "Enable masonry grid"
There is currently no documentation on all the new settings (yet), as development is still going on finishing the new features. However, I've tested on clean installs and default settings seem to look very smooth.

Please report any issues, bugs, or ask questions regarding this update.

Check out the full details here:
Full Changelog

This update brings even more free features - including new article image overlays and alternate author block!

New addon updates will now require download at www.nulumia.com, instead of 1-click downloads at Xenforo.com. Please consider that developing, maintaining and adding new features to free addons can take a lot of time. The small traffic gained and exposure to other products goes a long way in supporting my free addon development! :coffee:

Shop signup is incredibly fast with no verification hassles. Plus, you can more easily track your downloads of the latest available version.

What's New?

Article Image Overlays

You can now enable overlays for article thumbnails (enabled by default in current version), with full Style Property customization. What's more, you can style thumbnail overlays separately depending on whether the article title has been set to the default (over the image) or inline (below the image) position! Further, you can display a FontAwesome icon in the center of the overlay, complete with hover over transition:


Image overlays can be customized differently depending on the layout:


Author Block Settings
In default XenPorta, you must manually create an author for the author block to appear on your front-end. However, if you have a large amount of authors or even open submission access (requiring countless authors to be created!), this may not be ideal.

You can now choose to show an alternative author block, using the original thread author and member profile info instead. What's more, you can even choose the mode priority:
  1. Always show XenPorta Author
  2. Always show thread author block
  3. Show thread author block if no XenPorta author is available

You can also optionally style the author image like Xenforo avatars, and display useful user links below the bio (Follow, Send PM, More posts). The new thread author block will use the user avatar and About section from their member profile.

Q: Where can I change the author block mode?

A: This setting is in Admin -> Options -> XenPorta 2 (Portal) PRO, not in Style Properties like other settings. Visual changes like user links and avatar styling are found in the XenPorta Style Property group.

Q: Which type of author block should I use?
A: If you've already created XenPorta authors for all your contributors, you can make no change. If you'd like to always show an author block and don't wish to create XenPorta authors, you should enable the thread author block or to use it as fallback if you have several XenPorta authors.

Q: How can I style the image overlays?
A: These are customized via the following Style Properties in the XenPorta 2 property group: