[OzzModz] What's New Tweak

[OzzModz] What's New Tweak 2.2.1

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I was able to improve my "What's new" tab and I am very grateful to you, everything is much clearer now. Thank you very much, great must-have add-on of course !!! 20/20 !!!!
This is a huge improvement over the way xenforo shows whats new and new posts. Many people never use whats new, it can be confusing and cluttered but this solves all of that
Big improvement, great little add on! Really makes the 'What's New' section a lot cleaner and more usable.
Very useful addon. Some of us don't like the "What's New" feature of XF as it adds confusion and duplication. This addons helps to make it more sleek. Thank you.
Absolutely fantastic addition - starting a new website it's extremely overwhelming look through this site for resources that help achieve what you want but this was nice, effortless and really achieved a great result.

Thank you for your time and effort!
Highly useful little addon. Absolutely no issues even with custom UIX styles. Author constantly improving it which is great to see.
Thank you, always trying to improve things with small steps.
Tested it on my test site. No problems. Immediately implemented on my live site. Works perfectly. I was looking for something like this many months ago. Thanks!
Nice to hear, thnx.
A company called ForumCube wanted US$400 for an add-on something almost exactly like this. I turned them down because of cost. I had my old vB 3.8.9 forum set up to do this.
That sure is a lot of money, but I must say I also spent a few hours on this. It was fun doing this!
Simple but cool little addon, makes some tweaks that streamline the What's New menu and maybe makes it a little more intuitive. For one thing, I had always thought that it was a questionable design choice that the Forums menu was highlighted when you clicked the What's New menu: I guess it didn't really bother me TOO much or I would have found a way to resolve it myself, but this addon did it for me and I have to say now that I probably *should* have done it earlier. Thanks!
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