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  1. Will Franco

    There are no recent posts at the moment.

    I closed the board to add several new nodes. When I opened the board the latest activity feed is empty. Is there a cron or cache I need to rebuild to get the feed to populate with the latest activity?
  2. NamePros

    Design issue Latest activity shows some hidden content behind [SPOILER][/SPOILER]

    BBCode: [SPOILER] - Text containing spoilers Hides text that may contain spoilers so that it must be clicked by the viewer to be seen. Latest activity: The post:
  3. BassMan

    [cXF] Last post date on thread view 1.0.0

    Description: Add last post date below the thread title on thread view. It will show as Latest activity. It will show the last post date only if there is more than one post in the thread. Screens:
  4. Ozzy47

    [OzzModz] What's New Tweak 2.2.1

    This add-on is shared with the Xenforo community for free without branding. Donations are welcome by just liking this add-on or leaving a nice review, that's all! :love: This addon will change some of the What's new features in such a way that it is more consistent and easier to understand for...
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