[OzzModz] What's New Tweak

[OzzModz] What's New Tweak 2.2.1

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Are you using Ads (Google Adsense)?

Make sure you don't display ads on pages that have auto refresh enabled.
Go to your ACP > Advertsising and add these templates to the "Prevent ads showing in these templates" section:

Does this addon use AJAX?

No, this is currently out of scope for this small little and free addon. Using AJAX to refresh the whats new page would require a lot more work. There is also another commercial addon that can do AJAX, with a lot more functionality.


This add-on has been tested on a standard XF 2.1 (2.1.2) installation with default theme and no add-ons. Although I will try to help you with any problems, it comes 'as is' without any warranties. Always test add-ons before installing them on your production site. I will consider updates and future improvements if needed. Do let me know in this topic.
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