[OzzModz] Logo Essentials

[OzzModz] Logo Essentials 2.0.0

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Q: Where can I find the settings?
This lightweight plugin adds an extra URL path for the small logo in Style Properties -> Basic options.
You can find the other settings in Style Properties -> Header and navigation. See the attached screenshots for examples.

Q: Is anything changed by default?
No, this addon uses the default alignment and logo dimensions, and the navigation small logo field is left blank. Simply install and make the customizations you want.

Q: Should I use this addon with ___ style?
If you are using a commercial style from a third-party provider which has similar functionality, there's no need to install this addon. Logo Essentials is based on the default style but should work fine in most other styles.

Q: There's a bug with this addon in my theme, will you fix it?
It's possible there may be style conflicts in certain third-party themes, especially when they use customized templates. In this case, leave a reply here in the addon support thread so compatibility can be added in a new update..

A note on Xenforo logos
The following is general good practice, and is not limited to this addon. It's typically best to save your logo image as close as possible to the dimensions you wish to display on your front-end. This way, you receive several benefits:
  • Save on excess file-size (when your logo is much larger than it will display)
  • Faster browser rendering (less size processing!)
  • Clearer, crisper image
It is usually ok to upload a larger image, and scale down by setting max width and height settings. However, you should avoid scaling up a logo image by setting larger dimensions than the image itself - or you'll get a blurry logo!
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