[OzzModz] Breadcrumb Essentials

[OzzModz] Breadcrumb Essentials 2.0.0

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Q: Will this addon remain free forever?
A: Yes! While I feel there's enough current and upcoming functionality to justify a small fee, it will remain free as I feel it includes many ideas which have been requested and missing from XF2. Further, I'd like to offer something to the Xenforo community which can be used and enjoyed by virtually anyone with an XF forum :)

Q: Will this addon work with ____ theme?
A: This addon should work with most themes, however I cannot test compatibility with the many paid styles on the market. If you do encounter an issue, I will fix it and add support for your theme. User feedback is a primary driver of my work. I fully wish for this addon to be an "Essential" tool for Xenforo users, as the name suggests.

In most cases, I may require a link to your forum and/or temporary admin permissions (limited to Appearance settings) to diagnose and add support for your theme.

Q: Where are the addon's settings found?
A: You will find two new groups added to Style Properties, under [Nulumia] Breadcrumb.

How do I change the arrow border color between items in the XF1 breadcrumb?
A: The separator outline takes its color automatically from the XF1 Breadcrumb's border color.

Q: On what pages can I hide/show the breadcrumb?
A: You can set global Hide/Show settings for the top and bottom breadcrumb in the [Nulumia] Breadcrumb Locations group. Further, you can manually show/hide the top or bottom breadcrumb individually for the following page types:
  • Forums
  • Discussion List
  • Thread View
  • Conversations
  • Search
  • Members / Member Profile
  • What's New
  • XFMG
  • XFRM
  • Ecommerce
  • Articles
  • Chat
Q: I have an idea or request. Where can I let you know / will you do it?
A: Again, I value user feedback and use it constantly to improve products. Please contact here or at www.nulumia.com with suggestions, bug reports or feedback.
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