Optional Forums

Optional Forums 2.0.1

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Compatible XF 2.x versions
Updates duration
12 months (renew for $5)
Allows users to show or hide "optional forums". You can select which forums to make optional.

If a user chooses to hide an optional forum, he won't see it in forum lists, in New Posts, or searches etc.

This is useful for boards with controversial or NSFW sub-forums. Users are no longer faced with the choice of: not viewing the board at all, or viewing a board they partly dislike the content of. They can simply opt out of the sub-forums they don't like.

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Upgrade from XF1
If you were using Optional Forums 1.x, it will transfer across existing data.

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Latest updates

  1. v2.0.1

    Added opt-out button at top of optional forums.

Latest reviews

Worst add on I've ever bought! Does not work as described and comes with NO instructions. The maker has made no attempt to help get it working for me once he FINALLY replied to me. I filed a claim with Paypal to get refunded. Xenforo should remove this guy from their forum, he's a rip off! Don't buy anything from this guy!
Saw this pop up and it's something we wanted before moving to XF 2.0, but didn't have. Perfect timing! Works as stated right out of the box with 0 issues that I've found.