Optimized List Queries by Xon

Optimized List Queries by Xon 2.11.0

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  • Add support for @Bob's Review Management System
  • Support conversation lists with large number of conversations (Requires SV/StandardLib v1.10+ for this feature)
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  • Add support for Audentio's Feeds add-on, specifically the Thread Feeds
  • Update getEarlyJoinThreshold signature to be consistent, which is a backwards compatibility breaking change.
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  • Require Standard Lib v1.7.1+
  • Adjust class extensions for finders to allow other add-ons to override function getEarlyJoinThreshold().
    • Developer Warning; access (ie public/protected) is inconsistant and left-as is to avoid backward compatible breaking changes
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  • Minor code cleanup
  • Support threadmark rss feed threadmark listings (Requires Threadmarks v2.11.2+)
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  • Add option "Fetch all the nodes at once instead of per-type", for forums with a large enough node-count the per-row XenForo Finder overheads become unacceptable
  • XFMG support
    • New options "Better XFMG Album List Page Threshold" and "Better XFMG Media-items List Page Threshold". For sites with large number of media items, try setting these values to 0
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  • Shim reactions received lists (and reactions given if User Essentials is installed)
  • Add various addon options into their own grouping
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