[Nobita] Pokémon Catcher

Unmaintained [Nobita] Pokémon Catcher 1.1.5

No permission to buy ($25.00)
Great addon. I asked Nobita to develop this addon personally to my community and he accepted. Fast programming and design fluency.

I'm anxious to have more updates!
I wanted to use this addon (not for pokemon but for another type of collecting game) so I paid for the addon via the nobita.me website.

Upon buying and installing this addon i found out that it is riddled with bugs that leaves this addon unusable.

For example, after you upload an image (lets say an image of a pokemon) and your users start collecting it, the image will all of a sudden stop displaying on the website and display an empty box. In order to fix it yourself you must add the image again which then causes people who have already collected this item to have a blank space where their item used to be.

I contacted the developer of this addon about this big bug along with other bugs that i had discovered. The developer of the addon replied and confirmed it was a bug. In my reply to his private message I asked how long it might take for the bug to be looked at. Since then he has avoided all PMs with me and is actively avoiding me as he is active everyday on his site but not responding to PMs. He didn't even reply to my polite request for a refund based on the fact that I see no light at the end of this tunnel.

For the reason that i paid $25 for an addon I cannot use, i am giving this a 2 star rating, but i will acknowledge that if this addon works flawlessly as described, i would change this to a 5 star rating. Your after sales customer satisfaction needs addressed.