[NICK97] XFRM Wishlist - XF2

[NICK97] XFRM Wishlist - XF2 2.2.4 Patch Level 3

No permission to buy ($15.00)
Hi Everyone

Starting today this add-on price will increase to $15.00 / $10.00 due to cost of living and xenforo renewal price will increases starting in January 1 2024!
Thank you for your support and helping me to improve the add-ons even better than before. This version includes new features and bug fixes in some areas of the XF2 Add-on!

Full Changelog:
  • Added Option Icon
  • Bug Fixed XenShop Branding not displayed currently
I have reduced the price for this add-on to US$10.00 and renewed price US$5.00 per year
It adds a bunch of extra DB queries on resource lists. Added a condition to avoid this.

Full Changelog:
  • Fix: avoid N+1 query behavior
Full Changelog:
  • Added new add-ons options
  • Renamed tables to xf_fc_resource_wishlists and added the upgrade step to rename existing tables


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