[NICK97] Recently Used Device - XF2

[NICK97] Recently Used Device - XF2 2.3.5

No permission to buy ($25.00)
If 'internal_data/nick97/recentlyuseddevices/GeoLite2-City.tar.gz' does not exist or error during unpacking on your server?
Make sure that this path is exists and writable on your server. “internal_data/nick97/recentlyuseddevices/“

If there is no location available once you have login?
Make sure that this IP is recognizable by GeoLite2 and check is the DB file is exists in this path: "internal_data/nick97/recentlyuseddevices/GeoLite2-City.mmdb"

How to Install?
Step 1: Install the add-ons once again and go to the option page
Step 2: Enter your MaxMind License key and click saved and wait few minutes
Step 3: After you click save button please clicked the save button again so for the settings to be saved
Step 4: Refresh the page to make sure the max mind license is saved
Step 5: Please try that’s again to make sure it’s working fully