[NICK97] Recently Used Device - XF2

[NICK97] Recently Used Device - XF2 2.3.6

No permission to buy ($35.00)
Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.2
Additional requirements
PHP 7.2.0+ (7.4+ recommended)
Requires MaxMind License Key for location detection (which is free or paid)
You may not redistribute the files in whole or in part. You may not rent, lease, loan, custom changes and/or development, sub-license, sell, assign, pledge, transfer or otherwise dispose of the files in any form without my consent
Updates duration
12 Months - $25.00 Renewal + PayPal Fees
Visible branding
Yes, but removable with payment

If you wanted to remote logout devices or blocked devices in xenforo 2.x. Now you can with this addon. It’s will include remote logout devices, blocked devices, email notification and current devices banner.

Key Feature(s):
  • Remote Logout or Blocked Devices
  • Unblock Devices or Blocked Devices
  • Email notifications when a new device has login
  • Option to require users to use a password when visiting log device page
  • User group permission (View own devices list, Signout own devices and Block own devices)
  • Option Multiple devices check ignored users NEW!
  • Current device now is separated from others devices
  • Support for logon to ACP
  • Support advanced cookie consent notice NEW!
  • Styles options (Able to change devices icon and button styles) NEW!
  • Limit add-on usage by usergroup permission
  • Support for Users who have already been logged in are not recorded
  • Ability to logout other users devices from ACP
  • Usergroup permissions
  • Requesting exit from the others devices. and reporting the account to the administrator
  • REST API support
  • Support Xenforo 2.2 or newer
You must enable font awesome icon in your styles.


Note: This addon is based of this suggestion
https://xenforo.com/community/threa...d-display-devices-in-account-security.152561/ by this user @Alpha1

Note: This addon was funded from cities-mods.com

Copyright © 2021-2023 NICK97. This item is not authorized for posting on xenforo.com and others web sites except under the xenforo account named NICK97, GameNet,
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I have an issue with payment but it was solved immediately by NICK97. The guy is very kind and quick support!
Thank you for your great review and I hope you are enjoying my add-on
Very awesome add-on, As I am using it for security purpose. Thank you NICK97 for your support, new features and updates. Good Job.
Thank you for your feedback
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