Native Mobile Apps

Native Mobile Apps 2023.04.22

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The developer is not willing to support third party add-ons so I wouldn’t recommend this add-on at all
I was looking for a Tapatalk replacement and @truonglv solution was a risky bet at first. But functionality has improved fast. Many of my wishes were fulfilled during the development. There are still some features missing (like polls), but at this pace I am certain this will be a go to solution. Resulting app is small, looks good and my users are happy. Highly recommended.
Seems like the most viable way out of the Tapatalk BYO train. Some features are still missing (attachments!) but I was able to successfully submit beta version of replacement apps to both app stores... Features are being added quickly, and developer is helping with edge cases. I hope it will get feature parity and I will be able to replace Tapatalk...
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