Native mobile apps (iOS and Android)

Native mobile apps (iOS and Android) 2020.03.26

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Notable changes:
  • Support dark theme
Notable changes:
  • (Android) Fixed cannot scroll code block content
  • Make pagination easy to click
  • Fixed cannot navigate in thread when going from notifications
  • Fixed app crash when viewing some user profiles
Notable changes:
  • Bug: Fixed image was not shown in android
  • Bug: Fixed android header layout too large
  • Bug: Open link in browser not working
  • Bug: Video placeholder play icon invalid color
  • Bug: Attachment does not show in chat message
  • Bug: Reactions are show before attachments (first post)
  • Bug: Pressed on notification does not go to target screen
  • Support press attachment to view in overlay
  • Support reply to specific post (quote feature)
  • Support update cover
  • Support update avatar
Notable changes:
  • Fixed render missing HTML
  • Fixed screen choose forum when posting new thread too slow with large list
  • Fixed app crash on invalid avatar URLs
  • [New] Pre-select last forum when creating new thread.
Notable changes:
  • Support viewing media player (Youtube)
  • Support go to specific content when click to notifications
  • Support admob.
  • Fixed icon state not updated
  • Easy to choose participant when creating conversation.
  • Improvement app with large list.
  • Please update your config to use admob otherwise it's not rendering ad.
  • Required api version 1.2.0 to work
Notable changes:
  • [x] New: Support open external link
  • [x] New: Support thread prefix
  • [x] Bug: Fixed invalid loading in profile
  • [x] Changed: Login screen has changed
  • [x] Changed: Register screen has changed
Notable changes:
  • Fixed app crash when try to creating new conversations
  • Fixed app translation not correctly
  • Added support language: Polish
Notable changes:
  • [x] Support google analytics
  • [x] Redesign login screen
  • [x] Redesign register screen
  • [x] Bug: Fixed share profile posts does not show anything
  • [x] Changed Share content from raw to plain text
  • [x] Bug: Fixed render chat message layout issues
  • [x] Show reacted in content (Currently just reaction icon)
  • [x] Show shortcut to quick access conversations in Home
  • [x] Bug: Fixed Click on notification user should go app internal
  • [x] Fixed notification badge not update correctly
  • [x] Improvement user profile screen
  • [x] Bug: Fixed app crash in some requests
  • [x] Bug: Fixed back from profile post screen go blank screen
  • [x] Bug: Fixed show duplicate user in profile post screen
  • [x] Bug: Fixed Conversation list last poster incorrect
  • [x] Bug: Fixed input not focus in first load (Login/Register screen)
Notable changes:
  • Redesign home screen
  • Redesign notifications screen
  • Redesign conversations screen
  • Redesign conversation chat screen
  • Redesign thread view screen
  • Fixed app crash in some cases
Notable changes:
  • Fixed app crash in some cases
  • Improvement layout