Native mobile apps (iOS and Android)

Native mobile apps (iOS and Android) 2022.01.14

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Version 2022.01.14:​

Notable changes:
  • Fixed keep user in bottom screen when go next pages
  • Allow pressable in post preview

Version 2021.12.27​

Notable changes:
  • Improvement display thread card in home screen
  • Fixed load conversation messages
Notable changes:
  • Fixed app crash when pull-to-refresh in profile post screen
  • Fixed blank screen when viewing deleted thread
  • Fixed unresponsive when try to choose invalid forum, prefix.

Version 2021.11.21​

Notable changes:
  • Fixed show raw node description
  • Show thread breadcrumbs in thread screen
  • Show last post in thread card (home)
  • Display alert when board is closed
  • Improvement ignore content
  • Support to open links in native browser

Version 2021.11.05:​

Notable changes:
  • Fixed embed youtube does not display in some cases
  • Easy upload attachments in threads, conversations and statuses
  • Support disable ads for certain user groups, the feature based on user group permissions.

Changes logs:​

  • Display current user activity in profile screen
  • Fixed blank screens in Android
  • Support in app review. It will trigger when user viewing certain amount of threads.
  • Fixed logic read/unread notifications
  • Fixed sort messages in conversations
Notable changes:
  • Fixed render image cropped
  • Improvement render embed media. Now youtube video can play inline instead go new screen.
  • Fixed forum filter does not work
  • Fixed sticky threads does not show
  • Fixed incorrect avatar in conversation detail screen
  • Improvement app rendering and stability
Notable changes:
  • Fixed cannot view internal images
  • Fixed reaction popup out of screen.
Notable changes:
  • Support mark all notifications as read
  • Fixed no log-in button in account screen
  • Grouped conversation users avatars
  • Improvement suggestion create thread in forum base last forum browsed
  • Support more two factors authentication
  • Support date of birth in register form if required
Notable changes:
  • Improvement to check network state
  • Fixed register button still show when it's disabled by server
  • Fixed blank screen when viewing some specific threads
  • Fixed preview text in conversation list not updated