MarkItUp Integrator - 2013

Unmaintained MarkItUp Integrator - 2013 2.2.6

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Version 2.2.6 released
  • Signature problem fixed
  • Color picker management modified
  • Xml importation modified
Thanks to Gossamer & SAS1024.
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Version 2.2.5 released
  • Fix a bug with invalid smiley image link (with direct url)
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Version 2.2.4 released

  • Optimize db request delay - Thanks to Luke Foreman

After update, reimport bulk buttons.
Version 2.2.3 released
  • Get rid of unnecessary closing php tags. Some of them were followed by white lines and may create php errors. Thanks to Luke Foreman.
Version 2.2.2 released

Important: Users of XenForo 1.1.x, don't install this version. I'm really not sure it can work with this system and I didn't test it. You would have been warned.
  • Css adjustments to make the editors buttons compatible with the XenForo Responsive Design
  • A few Css fixes
  • Come back ot the Reverse mode that allows to first load the BbCode editor, then the RTE editor.
    • Compatible with the BBM
    • Compatible with TinyQuattro
    • Compatible with XenForo Redactor
  • Missing phrases added
    You will have to reimport the buttons to fix one phrase OR directly edit the colors button look for "more_colors" and replace with "miu_more_colors"
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Version 2.2.1 released
  • The "reverse mode" has been disabled on XenForo 1.2. It has too many bugs
Version 2.2 released
  • Compatible with XenForo 1.2
  • Compatible with the last version (on Github at the moment) of the BbCodes & Buttons Manager (for the Redactor buttons configuration)
  • Should be compatible with XenForo 1.1.x but don't upgrade if you still use XenForo 1.1.x
Version 2.1.1 released

Same version than 2.1.1 but with full button pack available
Version 2.1 released
  • Javascript framework for overlays rewritten
    reason: the previous framework helped me to develop fast overlays for TinyMCE... but the framework I used with TinyMCE became better. So this time I use TinyMCE fast overlays framework for this addon ^^
  • The tools templates (url, img, media) are not more loaded with the editor ; they are dynamically loaded (except for the color picker) - they have also been slightly rewritten
  • New option to disable autosize plugin (not recommended but you will have the choice now)
  • Missing icon for textarea manual resizing added (will not display if autosize plugin active)
  • Media popup shows now which available video websites are available
To upgrade: use Chris addon or (xml+files)
Version 2.05 released
  • text insertion inside posts fixed (bug reported by Chris)
    This Bloody bug was an horror to fix
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