Login as User (LAU2)

Login as User (LAU2) 1.2.7

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[remove] Copyright
[change] code was cleaned up
[add] Workaround to bypass the logging of the add-on xon / User Activity
[add] Two-step verification bypass
[fixed] The Login-button is visible for your own user
[fixed] Template issue
[fixed] Other improvements
[add] "Login as User" from ACP -> "user edit"
[add] Reason
[add] Disallowed Users
[add] Login Log
[add] Stealth Login
[notice] So things that are read are not displayed as such for the user.

[add] Option: Stealth Login
[add] Option: Display "Login-Button" in profile
[add] Option: Display "Login-Button" in Staff-Bar
[add] Option: Reason is required
[add] Notice: That you are in a different profile
[*] Several improvements / design/phrasen improvements