Limited Guest Viewing

Limited Guest Viewing 1.7.3

No permission to buy ($20.00)
  • Bug fix for people counting views on their forum homepage
  • Previously users would not automatically be sent to registration
  • Bug fix: users are now forwarded to registration from this page when their limit is reached
Thanks to @clanzone for discovering the bug.
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  • Fixed homepage not showing limit warning if selected
  • Fixed ability to set values to zero or lower
  • Added a bunch of additional choices to count towards limits
Thanks to @clanzone


  • 1.5.3 options.webp
    1.5.3 options.webp
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  • Added proper limits (min/max) for value entries
  • Updated to proper versioning
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  • Forum owners can now choose Xenforo Resources as an option to count towards views
  • This only applies to forum owners that have purchased the resource addon from Xenforo
  • Moved option group to the bottom of default xenforo options (as per best practices)
  • Set plugin to immediately return session if disabled
  • Set plugin to ignore all payment/transaction related controllers
  • Added exclusions on redirect for XF:Misc and XF:Account
  • Updated support URL
This update should ensure compatibility with any forums that use an excessive number of registration modifications / addons.
  • Fixed an issue whereby the plugin may not have been injected properly
  • Re-arranged the options to put warning limit before force registration limit (more intuitive)
  • Added a comment to show enabled
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