Limited Guest Viewing Pro - Boost Registrations

Limited Guest Viewing Pro - Boost Registrations v1.9.0

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XF 2.3 Compliant: Backwards Compatible
  • XF 2.3
    • Resolved controller issues and forwards for guest views and registration redirects
    • Fixed homepage view for XF >= 2.3.0 (previously being ignored on Forum Home)
    • Fixed Search, Member, and XFRM:ResourceItem
      • System wasn't previously loading on these homepages if selected
  • XF 2.x+
    • Removed [Account] page option selections
      • System only loads on guest pages so it had no benefit
    • Removed error pages from selection (they're ignored global anyways)
    • Updated warning for "Allow viewing of excluded forums"
As a result of this update the resource has been marked XF 2.3 compatible on the Overview page.
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  • Registration link now loads the registration overlay on click
  • Added wutime_lgv_views count to registration referral
  • Added Entity structure for GuestConversions
  • Added database table to track registrations prompted from notices/warnings
  • Registration will be tracked in future releases to provide admins with statistics on conversions
  • System saves the number of notices seen before registering
  • System saves whether the user was forced to register (conversion)
  • Made default force value 8 (previously 10)
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Tested Limited Guest Viewing with Xenforo 2.3 RC4.

Will require small update, but seems to work without major issues.

  • I didn't test with RC3 or earlier
  • RC4 is now out, which should make <=RC3 obsolete
If you find an bug/issue please post in the Discussion.
  • ErrorException: [E_WARNING] Attempt to read property "node_id" on null
  • Warning occurred on deleted threads
    • 404 page of a thread that never existed
    • 404 page of perm deleted thread
    • Return to XF to handle 404 or "Oops, error page"
  • PHP 8.x deprecation warning resolutions
  • New option added (on by default) (shown below)
    • "Allow viewing of excluded forums after guest view count reached"
  • Limited Guest Viewing will allow continued viewing of "excluded" forums even when the maximum number of views has been triggered
    • Note, if enabled, you must not "view track" for page types such as: Homepage and Thread List Pages, otherwise the visitor will be pigeon holed to the registration page when trying to navigate to "excluded" forums
    • The default installation does not "view track" on the aforementioned pages by default
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  • Move guest counting variable to phrase for multi-language improvement on RTL
Recommend upgrading with "Overwrite existing files for add-on rebuilds / upgrades" checked
  • removed custom extra.less styles (no longer needed)
  • add-on now works well with custom themes (light or dark)
  • eliminated all custom CSS (uses all default XF styling for notices (error and warning))
  • tiny page rendering improvement
  • smaller footprint
  • Allow warning level to be set to zero views
  • Allow force registration to be set to zero views
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  • Enable warning message was not able to be unchecked
  • Changed "Positive Integer" to "String"
  • Enable warning message is now able to be checked or unchecked
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  • Added the Xenforo Resource Manager pages
    • Can now include these in your "limited guest viewing" options
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