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  1. Wutime

    Search Limit Essentials - Boost Registrations and Upgrades v1.1.0

    Boost registrations and user upgrades by limiting the number of searches guests and users can make to encourage signups and upgrades. Guests and Users will be limited to a number of searches that you’ve predefined. You can choose to redirect the users to the registration or upgrade page, or...
  2. Wutime

    Increase Registrations by Blurring Post Text v1.5.0

    If you’d like to boost registrations and deter guests viewing all your content use this add-on. Guests will only be shown the first X posts – remaining posts will be blurred. SEO-friendly. Users will need to register or login to view the remaining posts. Features include: Set the number of...
  3. Wutime

    Limited Guest Viewing v1.7.1

    Fully featured system to limit the number of content pages your guests can view before being forced to register. It also supports a nag system to warn users that they're on a limited number of views before having to register. Proven method of increasing forum registrations without negatively...
  4. steve_aust

    Does XF allow hiding of all posts except the 1st one?

    Hi XF users, I am currently using VBulletin. I currently can hide all posts in a thread, except the 1st post (as a means to increase registrations) In other words, anyone can read the 1st post in a thread, but subsequent posts are each shown to guests as "This post hidden to guests - sign up and...
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