Limited Guest Viewing

Limited Guest Viewing 1.7.3

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  • New option added (on by default) (shown below)
    • "Allow viewing of excluded forums after guest view count reached"
  • Limited Guest Viewing will allow continued viewing of "excluded" forums even when the maximum number of views has been triggered
    • Note, if enabled, you must not "view track" for page types such as: Homepage and Thread List Pages, otherwise the visitor will be pigeon holed to the registration page when trying to navigate to "excluded" forums
    • The default installation does not "view track" on the aforementioned pages by default
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  • Move guest counting variable to phrase for multi-language improvement on RTL
Recommend upgrading with "Overwrite existing files for add-on rebuilds / upgrades" checked
  • removed custom extra.less styles (no longer needed)
  • add-on now works well with custom themes (light or dark)
  • eliminated all custom CSS (uses all default XF styling for notices (error and warning))
  • tiny page rendering improvement
  • smaller footprint
  • Allow warning level to be set to zero views
  • Allow force registration to be set to zero views
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  • Enable warning message was not able to be unchecked
  • Changed "Positive Integer" to "String"
  • Enable warning message is now able to be checked or unchecked
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  • Added the Xenforo Resource Manager pages
    • Can now include these in your "limited guest viewing" options
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  • Updated guest viewer (user id 0) comparison to STRICT type comparison
  • There was a rare occurrence where the guest view notice could appear after first login
  • This bug fix ensures guest view notices can never be shown to a logged in user
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  • Bug fix templates not loading on themes other than Default
Thanks to @clanzone
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  • All inline style declarations were moved to wutime_lgv.less (consolidated for render performance)
  • Added blue/red border to make the notice stand out (2px border with 5px radius)
  • Edit template: wutime_lgv.less
  • Added new option to add "register" link on warning message to let users immediately register (instead of waiting for their guest views to run out completely)
  • Added phrase: wutime_lgv_phrase_register_now
    • Default phrase text: "Register now to remove this limitation"


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