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Unmaintained Limit bots 1.3.1

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  • Skip checking user when blocking bots from changing sorting options for the forum
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  • Skip counting views for banned users
  • Add "zero post users as bots" option (default enabled) (skips counting views for users with no posts)
  • Add "Count guests views" option (default enabled)
  • Rename add-on from "Block logging bot views" to "Limit bots" (maintains same add-on id)
  • Prevent bots from accessing the non-default 'order' argument for forums.
    • Returns a 403
    • Prevents non-canonical ordering being indexed, and prevents potentially expensive sorting on forums with large numbers of threads.
  • Prevent robot sessions from being saved to the session store.
    • The session is still created (for compatibility reasons), it just is never saved.
Add support for XenForo attachments.
  • Code refactoring & Support XFMG. Thanks @Mr. Goodie2Shoes
  • Rename addon to "Block logging bot views"
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Improved addon compatibility tweaks.
Add support for XenTag to prevent view trending from being distorted.
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