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Lazy Load [img] 2.0.3

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Thank you for this excellent, essential addon and for keeping it free (it would be worth a license though). Xon is one of the most trustworthy XF developers, all his addons can be installed blindly, as everyone knows: it will work and it is safe.
Excellent addon! Thank you very much for you work, because it works perfectly and I think is very useful for save data download and improve seo :)
Works exactly as you expect it to, painless install. Just update usergroup permissions to allow lazy loading and you're done. Helped out with pagespeed scores, especially useful on mobile
Very good addon to reduce server load when loading a bunch of attachements. Works as intended, thanks ! :)
What else to say except another Xon's superb addon. Integration without errors, work without errors and if any question you have, Xon has time to answer on it.
Very useful add-on! its help me to make my site load faster, thank you @xon for porting this addon to XF 2.0.