Known Bots

Known Bots 6.0.3

No permission to download
  • added curl as a robot
  • show robots online in Members online and Online statistics widgets
v2.1.0 updates (unreleased)
  • new bots added
  • added tool to admin area to show list of bots
  • tested with XenForo v2.1
v2.2.0 updates
  • merge new bot array with core array rather than clobbering it
Same version, new addon_id.

If you already have v2.0.0 installed, there is no need to upgrade. There is no new functionality in v2.0.0a. New installations should use this v2.0.0a version to ensure compatibility with future releases.

Due to the change in addon_id, upgrading from v2.0.0 to v2.0.0a is not supported - but there is no data stored with this addon, so simply uninstalling v2.0.0 and removing the old addon files from the filesystem before installing v2.0.0a will be sufficient.
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