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Known Bots 6.0.3

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Nice and easy to install (v5.x) simple to use and identifies tons of bots that you can then control.
Adds the 'robots online' to the side widget, but not anywhere on the Members page. Pretty useless really.
The whole point of the addon is to identify a lot more Robots than the core product identifies - and these are shown on the Members page in the "Everyone" view and in the "Robots" view.
Really nice addon that removes "fake traffic" from showing up in the members online stats. Also well-made in the sense that it also finds new bots and can automatically report them back to the dev :) :+1:
This add-on will help me to know which bot has just visited my forum, its always interesting to know which bot is visiting.
This is an extremely useful addon for sorting out the bots you want crawling your site versus those that are just nuisance bots taking up bandwidth and giving nothing useful back. It's especially useful as a starting point if your server is being overrun by Chinese and Russian bot to the point where it is intermittently bringing down the server in a DDoS-like scenario (which happened with one forum I was brought in to repair).
A useful extension to XenForo's bot classification system to handle more bots that are seen in the wild
Great effort and I'm sure it's a well made addon, but the bots visiting my website are still coming up as guests after correct addon installation. It would be good if there was a way to easily add entries. For example, ( is not showing up as a bot, but as a guest, so I assume the addon doesn't have this listed. I have 60 "guests" and 95% of them are bots.
This addon cannot and will not identify bots by IP address or hostname - it only uses the user agent. If you have identified bots which are masking their user agent, you should block them at the web server level.
A very simple plugin that does what it says on the tin. I recommend if you love having statistics, like me!
I think this is a very underrated addon. Every board has a lot of bots lurking in the background and this useful addon helps you to separate them with your normal visitors. Because it then shows the real amount of guests you have right now and not the fake number which comes from the bots. Thank you.
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