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Unmaintained KeyCAPTCHA - Interactive CAPTCHA 2.2

No permission to download
Doesn't working on "Lost Password" form Xenforo default theme using latest xenforo version. It just shows an empty field for validation. Unfortunately I cannot use this product if it won't show up on the Lost Password form.
Installation on 1.4 is quick and easy, it is too early to say how effective it is but if I look at other reviews it will probably help a lot.

The registration on their site could use a bit of a redesign though.
Works Great
Best Anti-Spam system yet. reCAPTCHA is by-passable compared to this. Only get about 1 Spam bot every other day. I wish this would work on the password reset page though.
This is the third site I have used this on and IT JUST WORKS!
I was happy to see this when I moved to Xenforo. Thank you!
It just works.
Thank You! Now My Forum Much More Clean
Brilliant. Just what I needed. Thank you. :)
Awesome addon, works like a charm, no more bots are installing this captcha.
Absolutely perfect. Installed this and had no bots ever since.
I love this Captcha. I've got it installed on all my sites I run. The guys @ KeyCaptcha are also mega helpful, and very quick to respond to any questions.
It has been more than 4 days since I installed this add-on and not a single SPAM-bot registration since then. Kudos! :)
Thank you so much!
Used this since starting my forum. No spam bots at all.

Thank you for this.
Worx :)
Very good indeed. This, together with XenUtiles will slow spam attempts made to your board.
Very usefull... take off the spammers of my board.
Excellent addon!
I just installed this on my forum and I can tell things will stop thanks for this awesome add-on!