[ITD] Custom Icons for Trophies.

Unmaintained [ITD] Custom Icons for Trophies. 1.3.0

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Compatible XF 1.x versions
  1. 1.2
  2. 1.3
  3. 1.4
  4. 1.5
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This add-on will include icons to your trophies instead of points, based on trophy ID.



  1. Un-Zip the attachment and upload contents of "upload" folder to your forum root.
  2. Log in to your "ACP" and go to "Install Add-on" page.
  3. Select the Unzipped XML file and click the Install Add-on button.
24 PNG icons of 50x50 pix. are included with this pack according to trophy id sequence up to 24 trophies.

you can replace these icons or add further as per your choice by:
  • Select any suitable 50x50 PNG icon.
  • Rename it according to your trophy ID, you can view above screen short for example of icon names.
  • Upload any further icon to following path
That's all :)

Sending a donation:

If you like this add-on, please consider sending a small donation. My PayPal email address provided upon request via Private Conversation.

Thank you
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Basic idea of this add-on was taken from following modification post:

Mian Shahid
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Latest reviews

Hi, thanks you very much for your effort! This is what I'm looking for, glad someone give it away for free!!!
I will try this in my forum, member in the forum definitely will like this!
imusing this and hell yeah i love it. Will you be adding more icons soon. Is their away i can increase the number of trophies my board has? This add-on is very simple to use also and i cant wait to design my own icons to add to the ones you have in this awesome add-on Thank you
Mian Shahid
Mian Shahid
Thanks, Yes, you can add as many trophies as you can through the normal procedure, point is to select and rename icons for appropriate trophy. Hope this will looks easy to you. :)
Can't believe this hasn't been rated already... So here goes - It's so perfect - so simple and saves doing it yourself!! 10/10 my friend, thanks a million!!!!!!