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Get faster indexing of your site using the Bing URL submission API.

(Example of Options page)


  • URL submissions are sent to Bing when a post is created or edited.
  • Duplicate URLs are only sent if at least 10 minutes have expired since last submission.
  1. Go to the Options page and enter your Domain URL. Do not include any sub-folders or trailing slash.
  2. Go to Bing and generate your API key:
  3. Host your API key on the root directory in txt format.
  4. Enter your Bing API key into the options page.
  5. Exclude forums you don't want threads to be submitted to the Bing API.
Database modifications:

A new table called andy_index_now will be created in your database.

Questions and answers:

Q: I'm using the Bing Webmaster Tools to verify URL Submissions, I don't see all of the URLs submitted.
A: Bing will only show a maximum of 100 submitted URLs per 24 hour period, however they accept up to 10,000 URLs per day.

Q: Do duplicate URLs count against the 100 URLs which are shown per day in the Bing Webmaster Tools?
A: Yes.

Q: When would I use the First post only option?
A: If you have a very large forum and only want to submit to Bing the first post of the thread.
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    Index now v1.3 changes: Added support for threads which are automatically moderated. When such...
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    Index now v1.2 changes: Added "First post only" to the options page.
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    Index now v1.1 changes: Code now only runs if post message is new or edited.

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It works perfectly!
I've been using it for a month and indexing with Bing is faster, recommended....
Works perfectly, every day 100 URLs are automatically submitted to Bing. Indexing on Bing and Yandex is greatly improved. Thank you !
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