Ignore Content

Ignore Content 3.1.6

No permission to buy ($30.00)
Notable changes:
  • Fixed install scripts
  • Fixed cache issues
Notable changes:
  • Fixed error access invalid property on null
Notable changes:
  • Added new privacy allow users can block ignored users to view their details profile page.
  • Added new feature allow users can block certain users to start new conversation with them.
    • This feature also added new permission to allow certain user groups can use this feature
    • Blocked conversation users also display in ignore stats page
  • Fixed missing phrases.
Notable changes:
  • Fixed users can ignored un-viewable contents.
Important note: Please upgrade to this version ASAP to prevent above issues.
Notable changes:
  • Fixed incompatible with some cache providers
Notable changes:
  • Fixed forum unread indicator show if the last thread is ignored
  • Support XenForo cache if available by default add-on stored in database you may switch it in options page.
Notable changes:
  • Fixed error while importing ignore records
Notable changes:
  • Added support export ignored list
  • Added support import ignored list from CSV
  • Keep origin page when unignore content.
Notable changes:
  • Fixed ignore cache not updated in some cases
Notable changes:
  • Added option to turn on/off ignore button in thread list (default is off)
  • Added plural phrases for some content types.