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  1. truonglv

    Ignore Content 3.2.3

    Take control of your experience: ignore forums, threads, tags, conversations, and users with ease. Ignore Forums Allows users to ignore specific forums and hide their content. Ignored forums will not appear in view. Ignore Threads Lets users hide unwanted threads from their view...
  2. Azaly

    Duplicate Do not show if ignored user like you post

    Users on my forum are complain that they still alerted when ignored user like thier post. In most case on our forum ignorance mean that user won't see anything about ignored user. (Not sure about XF 2.0, I'm still using 1.5)
  3. Wildcat Media

    XF 1.5 Maximum number of ignored members

    We just had a member ask us for "more ignores" since he apparently wants to block the posts of quite a few members. I would have thought there were no limits on the number of members a person can ignore. Is there a limit?
  4. Amaury

    Design issue When an Ignored Member's Post Starts a New Page

    This is likely as designed, but it can't hurt to see, can it? ;) When an ignored member's post starts a new page in a thread, even though you're ignoring that member, you still see that new page, and if there aren't any further posts at the time being, all you get is basically a blank page. I...
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