1. creativeforge

    Where can we see who is following us, and can we block certain followers?

    Sorry for the newbie-ish question... A member asked me to remove a few followers from their account. I wonder if this can't be done by the members themselves? ► Would the IGNORE function stop someone from following me? Thanks, Andre
  2. truonglv

    Ignore Content 3.2.3

    Take control of your experience: ignore forums, threads, tags, conversations, and users with ease. Ignore Forums Allows users to ignore specific forums and hide their content. Ignored forums will not appear in view. Ignore Threads Lets users hide unwanted threads from their view...
  3. Wildcat Media

    XF 1.5 Maximum number of ignored members

    We just had a member ask us for "more ignores" since he apparently wants to block the posts of quite a few members. I would have thought there were no limits on the number of members a person can ignore. Is there a limit?
  4. AndreaMarucci

    XF 1.5 Ignore a member for everyone

    Hello, I've problematic member in my forum that I simply cannot ban or delete so I'm asking here how to make all the members ignore him automatically, maybe running a query in the database. My forum is a pay one so I've all the pay member in a specific usergroup. It's possible to do that with a...
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