How to read and write into the database (with a page)

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It's very clear and useful! I think with your tutorial, I can understand clearly 'bout practice on database using Xenforo. Have a nice day!
Thank you for clearly describing something that is very complex in a way that makes it accessible! I have noticed a disturbing trend in this forum of people who know a lot who are unwilling to share their knowledge, or do so in a way such that it obfuscates what they're saying to all but the most advanced PHP/MVC programmers. Thanks again!! ^_^
Thank you, very useful!
Good tutorial, thanks for your work Fuhrmann.
Thorough and well thought out. Thank you.
Excellent article. Helped me with my latest add-on :)
One of the most complete, and well written tutorials ever.
Thank you! :)
Just what I needed :)
The perfect Tutorial to learn how to create an Addon... Thanks Fuhrmann, this was really very very helpful.
Excellent write up thank you. I wish xenforo had a print to PDF button!