History 2.4

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History v2.4 changes:

Fixed issue with thread prefix. Improved responsive view.
History v2.3 changes:

Added 'last post by' column in results page.
History v2.2 changes:

Now shows bold thread titles if new posts exist since last view. Also improved narrow view layout.
History v2.1 changes:

Improved code to use fewer queries. Easier to read format for wide and narrow displays.
History v2.0 changes:

Updated table indexing and History page contents.
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History v1.9 changes:

Removed no longer used link in Template modification.
History v1.8 changes:

Added option to view all members history.
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History v1.7 changes:

Now shows threads which have new posts since last visit in bold.
History v1.6 changes:

Removed a couple of phrases no longer used.
History v1.5 changes:

This new version has many changes.

If you have a previously installed version, please uninstall and delete the Andy/History folder first before installing this new version.