[HA] Push Menu

Unmaintained [HA] Push Menu 1.1.0

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  • Added: icon picker. Now choose icon for each item in menu easily (from both fontawesome and glyphicon)
  • updated: now when the menu is open, clicking on where ever out of menu items, will close the menu
  • updated: now when the menu is open, menu icon is viewable again and clicking on it will close the menu
  • added: an option to set the width of menu in medium responsive layout
  • added: an option to set the width of menu in narrow responsive layout
  • updated: now when menu is open and a link on it is opened in new tab, the menu will stay opened


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  • added: 2 new options (+ a style properties for them) to let you display a nice fixed icon to open the menu
  • improved: now if you create lots of menu items in a row, it will be scroll able.


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  • added automatic moving to right when you set RTL option
Fixed: whenever the page refreshes for any reason, (going from one page to another, refreshing the forum, etc) you can see the names quickly of everything in the push menu for a split second before it disappears on the upper left side of the screen over the forum.
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