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[HA] Notifications 1.0.1

Change notifications to nice and more useful way

  1. Dadparvar
    Compatible XF Versions:
    • 1.5

    With this add-on you can change notifications of XF to something like Facebook's notifications (or even better :D )

    There are 12 different designs which each of them have their special effects:
    • 12 different designs
      • Thumb Slider
      • Box Spinner
      • Loading Circle
      • Corner Expand
      • Expanding Loader
      • Slide On Top
      • Bouncy Flip
      • Flip
      • Genie
      • Slide In
      • Jelly
      • Scale
    • Style properties for each of styles
    • A general style property group
    • A preference (so that each user can choose if they want default xf's notification or the new design)

    Hope to be useful and you enjoy this add-on. If you like this add-on, don't forget to support it by your review. Donations are always welcome.

    Hamed Azimi (Dadparvar)


    1. notifications-options.png
    2. notifications-preferences.png
    3. notifications-styleproperties.png
    4. notifications-styleproperties-each.png
    5. notifications-styleproperties-general.png

Recent Updates

  1. Improvements!

Recent Reviews

  1. Wesker
    Version: 1.0.1
    Dadparvar the best modder on xenforo? Nobody and I mean nobody is as good. This mod proves just that.
    1. Dadparvar
      Author's Response
      Thanks Wesker for your review and kind words :)

      Glad to see you like it

      Hope you enjoy using it
  2. Goodfella
    Version: 1.0.1
    Great addon for any board to utilize. The designs that come with it make it very universal for any website (professional, gaming, etc).

    Keep up the good work Dadparvar!

    Thank you!
    1. Dadparvar
      Author's Response
      Thanks Goodfella for your review :)

      Glad to see you like it

      Hope you enjoy using it