Google Adsense tips and visual overview of ad positions

Google Adsense tips and visual overview of ad positions

Compatible XF 2.x versions
2.0, 2.1
XF 2.1 has a lot of new positions for your ads. Twenty-four to be precisely!
Below you will find visual templates to help you choose the best location for your ads.

You will also find some tips I use to monetize my forum. I would love to start a discussion over here with other forum admins to share your opinions.

Guests vs...
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Mr. Jinx
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  1. Added more conditionals

    Updated this article with some more examples of conditionals you can use to show / hide ads in...
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    Added some common questions & answers to the FAQ page.

Latest reviews

Guests vs. Members

Ask yourself: Do you really want to show ads to your precious members?
Your members are the people who keep your forum alive, they are your forum! Do you want to annoy them with ads or should you reward them with an ad free experience?

YES. Honestly, we are not annoying our members, even they say so (OK, may one to three, but they get annoyed if we do anything different). They understand that without advertising, the site would not exist. They do a very good job of supporting the advertisers who support the site. We have a good amount of advertisers who want to access our members and I could lose them if we did this, that could be tens of thousands of dollars.
Mr. Jinx
Mr. Jinx
I think it would be better if you post this as a reply to the discussion so others can reply and share their opinion:
This guide really helped me figure out how to use Adsense and show ads in areas of the forum that provide good results. Thank you Mr Jinx.
Absolutely smashes the forum advertising this does. It's pretty much the exact same as what's I've found works best too. My forum is 14 years old and I've tested many different ad spots. Ads Managed 2 is in my basket now I'm going to check that out.
There was another nice post with conditionals and ad locations but this one is formatted beautifully and has the best advice for your advertisement positions, top notch
Mr. Jinx
Mr. Jinx
Thank you Anomandaris! Great to hear.