Gift Upgrades

Gift Upgrades 2.5.1

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Reviews 4.75 star(s) 9 reviews

Extremely useful add-on, which suits our needs perfectly. Nix has been very supportive and upkeeps his add-ons, even after all these years. Definitely worth the price for the functionality this provides.
Great plugin. Definitely helps with community participation on the forums. And with the trouble I was having at first, he was pretty quick to respond and resolve. Great author.
Outstanding plugin. A near-perfect implementation of gift memberships that actively encourage community members to give gifts to others.
This add-on is perfect and does exactly what it needs to do. Easy to customize too. Highly recommend it.
This is a great addon! Much needed in my forum! Would love to see it include an auto-conversation sent in the future. Currently has "alert" sent. Thanks so much for all the hard work put in to this! Very much appreciated!
A highly useful extension to the user upgrades feature, allowing users to provide more than just a simple Like for great content
Does as promised with great support. This is a nice add-on to help encourage user engagement on your website. I've seen people use it as a trading tool, a thank you and to just help out a member during some hard times. Great add-on and fairly priced.
Nixfifty has been amazing as an add-on vendor! I found him when using XF1 and have followed straight through with my upgrade to XF2. He is responsive, friendly, cooperative and even more importantly patient when challenges are sometimes "user created." :-D ...well written and functional add-ons that really help to boost the community and forward thinking with updates and enhancements. He really listens to the audience. A+ all the way around.
I paid for the add-on to be made ahead of time - communication were good, though the creator missed that i was using another add-on which then conflicts with this version. So i cant use it for now, eventually i guess i can use it...
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