Force Custom User Field Completion after Registration or Login

Force Custom User Field Completion after Registration or Login v1.8.6

No permission to buy ($9.00)
  • New option to "wait X days after registration" before requiring profile fields be completed
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Apologies for the multiple updates, this fixes:
  • Avatar only selection not being captured and forced (when it's the only selection)
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  • Bug fix for the edge case that no custom user fields are enforced and instead, only default XF fields are selected to be forced
  • Added support to force users to upload an avatar
  • Added broader support for pages that redirect to force fields
Thanks to @delicatebobster for the request to add Avatar.
  • Removed unregistered from usergroup selection
    • This addon only affects registered users so selection unregistered was both unneeded and misleading
  • This update adds the XF Resource Manager to the check for forced fields
  • This only applies to forum owners that have purchased the resource addon from Xenforo
This is a recommended update.

This is a complete overhaul of the system to ensure it doesn't interfere with popups and other parts of Xenforo:
  • Forced fields system now executes itself only on the following pages
    • Forum Index
    • Forum Lists
    • Forums Threads
    • Search page
    • Member pages
    • Media pages
    • What's new pages
  • All other pages and sections of Xenforo are ignored to ensure it doesn't interfere with other features/options/pages/transactions/payments etc
  • added an immediate ignore if the plugin is not enabled
  • excluded all payment/transaction related controllers
  • Added checks to ensure array keys actually exist for default personal detail fields
  • Uncommon issue with some board that may have addons that change/modify default user_option fields
  • Fixed issue whereby an error would be produced when checking an empty/invalid array on log out