Force Custom User Field Completion after Registration or Login

Force Custom User Field Completion after Registration or Login v1.9.0

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** XF 2.3 Compliant - Forwards/Backwards Compatible **

XF 2.3
  • Resolved issues with XF 2.3 (redirections and fails)
  • Resolved issue with admins being forced from admin.php
  • Extended _preSave on UserProfile and integrated with verify fields system where possible
    • System now prompts with overlay similar to default fields for most fields
  • Attempts to clear fields that are required fail
  • Avatar required will still require additional page load (no change)
XF 2.0+
  • Moved "wait after X days" to the top
  • Cleaned up the options language for brevity
  • Date of Birth Removed [select here instead: admin.php?options/groups/usersAndRegistration/]
    • may re-add at a later date
  • Added current icon
  • Updated <requirements> for installs to XF 2.0 - XF 2.3.x
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  • php 8.x deprecation fix (added null coalescing)
  • resolve E_WARNING
  • Updated to session.remove() to save a round trip after the user updates required fields
  • Allows the user to immediately leave account update page after completing all required fields
  • Removed a deprecated/unused function
  • Removed custom and in-line CSS
  • Used built-in XF blockMessage styling to ensure this add-on works well with all custom themes (dark or light)
  • New option to "wait X days after registration" before requiring profile fields be completed
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Apologies for the multiple updates, this fixes:
  • Avatar only selection not being captured and forced (when it's the only selection)
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  • Bug fix for the edge case that no custom user fields are enforced and instead, only default XF fields are selected to be forced
  • Added support to force users to upload an avatar
  • Added broader support for pages that redirect to force fields
Thanks to @delicatebobster for the request to add Avatar.
  • Removed unregistered from usergroup selection
    • This addon only affects registered users so selection unregistered was both unneeded and misleading
  • This update adds the XF Resource Manager to the check for forced fields
  • This only applies to forum owners that have purchased the resource addon from Xenforo
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