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Unmaintained Footer Pro 2023-04-19

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Removed empty phrases.
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Improved block text feature: now accepts HTML content.
Improved phrases.
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Better phrasing
CSS adjustements
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Link 1 of column 1 can now be used as a block of text to display a description of your forum or an important message.


Automatic addition of the title attribute to social links, these being only an icon without text.
The title attribute is automatically populated with the name of the configured social network.

You should review the names of the icons in the fields concerned. For example you had to write fab fa-twitter to display the Twitter icon, now you just have to write the icon name like twitter.

A link to FontAwesome Brands icons has been placed in the field explanation.
Added an information block under the "Links are external" option that indicates not to check the option if "Add automatically XF links" is checked. This would prevent XF links from showing.

  1. An option now allows to delete XF links such as Contact, Privacy Policy, etc...
  2. A new option per column allows to automatically add XF links such as Contact, Privacy Policy, etc... in the column
  3. CSS adjustments
It is now possible to choose to display Footer Pro above or below the copyright block, this is selectable in the Style properties. (requested by @webbouk)

Capture web_2-12-2022_0103_localhost.webp

Addition of the title attribute in the column links, configurable in the options. (requested by @SelamT)

Capture web_2-12-2022_01223_localhost.webp
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Added an option in Style properties to set slogan font size.

Added missing phrases.
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