Finding A Good Web Hosting Provider - Best Practice & Suggestions

Unmaintained Finding A Good Web Hosting Provider - Best Practice & Suggestions

Have you tried all the hosts you've suggested?
No, I have only used and can vouch for MDDHosting, anyone apart from them I've not personally tried.

Then on what basis are you suggesting hosts you haven't tried?
On terms of these hosts having a majority of positive reviews around the internet and keeping their customers happy.

Can I suggest you a host to add on to your suggestions on the resource?
Feel free to suggest a host, there are many amazing hosts out there. I cannot guarantee if I will add your suggested to the suggestions list on the resource, but I will look into it, research on your suggested host and if they are great, they will be added to the suggestions list on the resource.

Why have you used Arial font for the whole guide?
I have developed a liking for Arial recently, it's an elegant font, don't you think so? I even used it for the FAQ!

Did you follow the steps you've mentioned when you found your first host?
I was going to fall for the unlimited scam, WebHostingTalk saved me and I found MDDHosting, have been with them for 2 years + and its the best thing ever to happen for my community (apart from XenForo ofcourse!)

Are the links you provided in the resource referral links?
No, none of the links provided in the resource are referral/affiliate links.