Find users sharing the same IP

Unmaintained Find users sharing the same IP 0.0.1

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love it. thanks
Even though this functionality is in the Spam Cleaner, we re-install this mod after every upgrade. It lets me give mods access to view IPs, rather than the whole "DELETE EVERYTHING!!" of the Spam Cleaner permission - and it's a lot handier and easier to access without having to tick / untick boxes. Plus, it even with XenForo 1.2!
As mentioned before "An essential for administrating a forums!"
Working great in 1.3.1. Great tool for mods, makes it easy.
Fantastic stuff!
An essential for administrating a forums!
Saves me from having to go into the admin or clicking another overlay. So this safes time and page loads. Can't go wrong with it. Thanks :)