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[FF] Classifieds Enhancements (+ Fixes) 1.1.3

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  1. 2.2
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NixFifty Classifieds
A few useful extensions for NixFifty's Classifieds system - as well as any bug fixes that I spotted.

  • Require prefix
    Adds a new option in the category edit page to require a prefix for posted items.
  • Linked prefixes
    Link a classifieds prefix to a thread prefix - so the created thread can use the classifieds prefix, rather than just the category.
  • Prefix filter under category
    List all the prefixes under each category in the navigation block that have items assigned.

    (Fiesta and Puma are prefixes, not categories)
  • Customize thread title
    If you have enabled the create thread when item posted option, you can now customize the title.
  • Allow moderator to mark item as sold

    Enable a moderator with the "Clear sold status on listings" permission can now also use the "Mark Sold" button.
  • Allow user to renew expired listing
    Adds a new "Renew listing" button on the action bar. Will show up for the listing owner, as well as a moderator with the ""Edit any listing" permission.
  • New Widget "[FF] Classifieds Enhancements: Listing Filter"
    Display the filter drop down as a widget instead.
  • FIX: Carousel image display
    Correctly show the right number of items in the carousel (2 on mobile, 3 on everything else)
  • FIX: Carousel navigation dots
    See above image.
  • FIX: Price input as number instead of text
    Solves the issue with people entering "," as a thousand separator
  • FIX: Widen the left hand column display on wider screens so it's not all squished.
  • FIX: Canonical URLs for listings
    Before you could put any text in the url and it would work.
  • FIX: Permanent listings with no expiration date now don't expire!
    Really not sure how that one made it through q+a :p

If you know of any other showstopper bugs in Classifieds let me know, I can look at fixing them in an update of this mod until @NixFifty releases his next version :)
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