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See Fast Phrases 1.1.0 for a better version

This product is intended for developers who have dozens or even hundreds of phrases to create. The most important change is that once you save a phrase you are redirected back to the Create New Phrase form instead of the Phrases page. Several of the input settings are retained.


Save and Create New Button: When you click this to save the phrase you are redirected to a fresh Create New Phrase form but with Title Prefix, Number of Words in Title, Add-on and Cache this phrase globally input values retained.
Create Title Button: After you paste in or type the phrase text you can click this to create a phrase title. Spaces are replaced with underscores, punctuation is removed and non-standard letters are converted to plain Latin text.
Substitutions: This setting in the admin CP > Options > Fast Phrases provides the regular expressions to convert non-standard letters to plain Latin. Most western European languages are covered. You can add more as needed.
Number of Words in Title: The default value can be set in Options but you can change it in the form also. You can change this setting before or after you have created a title. The value is retained after you save.
Title Prefix: This allows you to prepend a prefix to your phrases to associate them with your add-on product.
Copy Xen Tag: The Create Title feature creates the phrase title and also creates a ready-to-use xen phrase tag to paste into your template. Editing the Title input also changes this value.
Copy Title & Copy Tag Buttons: You can click either of these to copy the title or tag without selecting text.
Other Features:
Direct Link to Create New Phrase: This is in the sidebar and shows only in debug mode.
Search by Add-On: This allows you to search phrases by add-on instead of title or text values.
Odds and Ends:

Template names and phrases begin with "fp_"
The usual, unzip the product file, upload the contents of the "ROOT" folder to your forum root, upload the XML file in the admin CP.
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